Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Sriman Narayana


“When someone embraces the search for Truth, of his Self, by removing himself from the world, he isn't isolating himself from the world and from society, he occupies his place in society. This is different from others who are agitated, looking for things, and trying to build things like ant farms, building ant farms and destroying ant farms and building more ant farms, etc. Then, in that place, as he fights his personal battle, his vibration changes, becomes more and more subtle, the fire wakes up, and as when a lamp, each little lamp lights up in the dark, the darkness reduces and the light increases.
Only this way, responding the call of his heart, turning completely different and dissociating himself from the structures of society, does he have an extremely transformative, vital and essential impact for serenity, peace, kindness, altruism, in Humanity! But much more, a thousand times more than anyone who is dedicated to social issues - and I am not underestimating that, everything in its place.”

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