Saturday, November 28, 2020

Sri Ramana Maharshi

 “ The `I' is always there –

in deep sleep, in dream and in wakefulness.
The one in sleep is the same as that who now speaks.
There is always the feeling of `I'.
Otherwise do you deny your existence?
You do not.
You say `I am'.
Find out who is.”
“ If you hold this feeling of ‘I’
long enough and strongly enough,
the false ‘I’ will vanish
leaving only the unbroken awareness of the real,
immanent ‘I’, consciousness itself.”
“ The only permanent thing is Reality;
and that is the Self.
You say “I am”,“I am going”,“I am speaking”,“I am working”, etc.
Hyphenate “I am” in all of them.
Thus I - AM.
That is the abiding and fundamental Reality.
This truth was taught by God to Moses: “I AM that I-AM”.
“Be still and know that I-AM God.”
so “I-AM” is God.
You know that you are.
You cannot deny your existence at any moment of time.
For you must be there in order to deny it.
This (Pure Existence) is understood
by stilling your mind.
The mind is the outgoing faculty of the individual.
If that is turned within,
it becomes still in course of time and
that “I-AM” alone prevails.
“I-AM” is the whole Truth.”

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