Saturday, November 21, 2020

Rupert Spira


”For most people sexuality is a release of tension, or a means to fullfil a sense of lack. In fact it’s one of the main ways that most people seek to fulfil a sense of lack or incompleteness. And the quality of our sexuality is determined by that.
Now, if the sense of lack in us comes to an end, so there is no need to engage in sexual intimacy in order to fullfil the sense of lack, or release tension, cause there is no tension, there is no sense of lack, that will transform sexuality.
You haven’t learned any techniques, you haven’t been to any classes, you haven’t been to any tantric workshops, it’s much deeper than that. Your sexuality is transformed from the inside out. It’s not something you can read in a book or learn in a tantric workshop.
You feel that this tension, that is always seeking release, the sense of lack, that is always seeking fulfilment. If that comes to an end, your sexuality will correspondingly change, it will be transformed by it. And I would suggest that it would be transformed much more profoundly than anything you could learn in a book or in a tantric workshop.
Sexuality is one of the main ways that the ego seeks to release tension and fullfil its sense of lack, and the ego is very good at appropriating the spiritual teachings in order to perpetuate itself. So if the ego can continue to indulge in its all attitudes towards sexuality, namely as a means of release and fulfilment, and at the same time fool itself in to thinking that it’s doing something valuable spiritually, then that is very appealing to the ego.
And that’s why these ”Tantric workshops” are very attractive, in general they have a kind of veneer of spirituality to them, but in fact they perpetuate the ego, and in some ways they are more insidious than regular egoic behaviour, because regular egoic behaviour is just honest egoic behaviour. But ego behaviour that is pretending to be spiritual is doubly powerful.
In the end, it’s not really about sex.
It’s about the deep motive from which our desire for sexual intimacy comes. If the motive is right, the right motive will flow automatically in to your sexual activity and will inform it.
So the most important thing is to be free from the tension and lack that for most people are of a source of sexual activity.
To the degree that you are free of those, your sexual experience will be transformed from the inside out.”

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