Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Robes Robes – A Book of Coming Changes is a book of global dimensions

 Pg. 85:  As the big nations stop, start, and continue to crumble, people will begin communicating with one another in unprecedented ways via the large global network. Big corporations will watch these developments and be divided as to whether or not they should support, oppose, or ignore these newly evolving forms of communication and organization. In the end, most will opt to follow the dollar and in doing so, will help create the structures of communication that will eventually become the seeds of their own retirement from power.

Pg. 93:  The truly deep and difficult questions that you must learn to ask and answer could be stated as, “Do you need money to buy what you already own? Is it best for power to be concentrated in the hands of a few who try to make decisions that run the lives of all? Can you develop yourselves to the point that each individual becomes personally self-responsible? How can a woman or a man learn to access the full potential of the creative powers within the self unless he or she enjoys responsibility for the course of his or her life? In what ways has the freedom, power, and decision-making of each individual been corralled into narrow ruts and then eroded? And exactly what are the potentials of the fully evolved human?”

Pg. 163: In truth, there is no heaven, there is no hell, there is no god of righteousness waiting to judge or punish you, there is no devil trying to entrap you into his fires. These are only belief systems, similar to your concepts of Santa Claus and Easter Rabbit, useful for those who have not discovered that the god power they seek is inside them.

Pg. 181:  Just when you need to be paying more and closer attention to what is happening with the food supply, the illusion will deepen that food is everywhere, that it is cheap and available around the clock, that you do not even need to do much to prepare it any more, and if there is a problem, the scientists or the government will deal with it. And perhaps they will for a while, but artificial foods will not support human life.

Pg. 184:  A truth that has never changed will again be affirmed: The laws of nature remain steady and constant, and for all civilizations that pass through the earth system, none will survive who do not discover, accept, and live in accordance with those laws. Although this may seem like a paradox that forces you back to old ways, the truth is that this is the only way to advanced evolution of the human being.

Pg. 196:  “Stand here and look in the mirror,” the little men pointed to a place on the floor. I moved over to the spot they indicated and stood facing the mirror. To my great surprise the image in the mirror was not the human form I was expecting. Instead, I saw clouds of color and waves of energy interspersed with masses of twinkling lights, tiny shooting stars, and funnels that appeared to channel lights in an orderly manner throughout the form I was looking at. The entire form blinked and then sort of mushroomed outward momentarily, matching the wave of surprise that turned my stomach around. “You are in a special high-frequency zone that allows you to see the energy system of the body,” the little men told me. “It is used to keep an eye on health and to correct problems before they get into the physical body.”

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