Thursday, November 26, 2020

Robert Adams


If you investigate, you will see that you cannot possibly be a human being. Human being is just a name given to an entity, for we don't know what else to call it. You're always changing, changing, changing. You're not the same person you were ten, twenty years ago. When you go to sleep and you're in deep sleep, you forget about yourself. When you dream you forget about yourself. When you're awake, like you are now, you forget about your dreams and your deep sleep.
Therefore I ask you, what is your true state? Are you the person who dreams? Are you the person who is in deep sleep? Are you the person who exists right now? Who are you? What are you?
You can only find out by investigation. You begin to see that your personal self is only a thought, an idea, a bad dream. You are not the person who is born, goes through the vicissitudes of life, dies, and that's it. When I tell you, “You were never born,” it sounds ludicrous. When I tell you, “You can never die,” it sounds even worse. Yet if you investigate and you trace it back, where did the first born come from? Who gave it birth? You can go into the story of creation. That will appease some people, but the thinking person knows it's a story.
In a dream there is no story of creation. You begin to dream just where you are. It just appears. The dream comes out of you, becomes externalized. There's a sky, there are stars, there are people. All sorts of things are happening. You go through experiences in your dream. You are happy, you're sad, you're mad. But yet when you wake up, the dream is gone.
This life is called the mortal dream. You have to catch yourself when you take life too serious, and compare it with a dream. When you take your dream serious, and you become violently upset over something, and I try to explain to you, you're dreaming, you will never believe me, because the dream world is very powerful at that time.
The doctor has diagnosed cancer, you've got two months to live. But I tell you, "You're dreaming." Do not put your energy on that. Rather turn within. See your reality. Understand that this is a dream. Well you chase me away. You do not want to accept that, because no one else believes it. Yet you wake up in the morning, and it was just a dream.
Think about the problems, the wonderful experiences, everything you've been through since you were born. It appears so real, doesn't it? And even now you are a product of all your samskaras, all of your preconceived ideas, your concepts, and how you were brought up and trained. This is your life. You do not know any other life but this. Yet every person seems to come from a different upbringing. Every person has their own beliefs, their own ideas, what's right, what's wrong, what is good, what is bad.
That's how wars start. That's how man's inhumanity to man begins. When you believe I'm right and you're wrong. When you begin to see things that are not right and you want to correct them. No one has ever told us, instead of doing that, dive within yourself and see perfection. See the atman. See unlimited bliss. Begin to dwell on the reality, and soon your world will become reality.

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