Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Robert Adams


"Most of you still believe that you have to read books. Find sacred teachers. Meditate for hours. Travel the world looking for the right person, the right place, the right thing. Searching for the holy grail to become free. What are you doing when you do this? Aren't you accumulating more knowledge?
You want to empty the garbage pail, not keep adding to it. ... But yet you keep adding to it. Every time you read a new book ... you're adding to the garbage pail. In other words you're inflating your ego more and more, your ego becomes bigger and bigger.
Because you have something new to talk about don't you. A new teacher, a new method, a new mantra, you become excited over this and you become excited over that. This is what keeps you back from realization. Always remember this. Never forget this. You want to subtract, you want to delete, not add on."

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