Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Ram Varma


God part of each and every Human Being is our Inherent Connection with the Divine Eternal....
... It is the portal for communication with the primeval Source. It is like the loving Mother always cherishing to meet and shower Her Love and Blessings on the children.
When we respond purely and innocently, we get much more of Divinity in return. Then there is exponential ecstasy and Awareness of the Eternal Truth and our connection gets deeper and deeper.... in the course of time it gets expanded to the whole Cosmos, and further intensified to turn into Oneness of Spiritual Connection..
Carried by the rhythm, always cherish the most real Energy of Truth, Spirit and Love. Let the softness of your pure Heart automatically merge into the vastness of the infinite omnipresence.
This is the most authentic mode of doing all our things when our body is flooded by these currents of the Divine. This is the greatest Mantra/ way to Peace, Purity and Progress of living life integral.
With Love and Light.....Namaste.........Ram

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