Saturday, November 21, 2020

Ram Varma Spiritual Growth


Infinity and Eternity are the Two Wings of our Innermost Presence within each one of us. Infinity means unlimited resources, information and Pure Love always emanating from the SELF and Universal Presence (i.e. OMmmm). And Eternity means always present Energy that sustains all the physical forms and the five elements (i.e. earth, air, water, fire and ether/akash).
The Innermost Presence also called "VASUDEVA" is like a blossoming spiritual Flower, all the time giving fragrance of Peace, Purity and Progress. Just being in touch with it and utilizing its Divinity, it makes us free from fears, worries, lonesomeness/depression, migraines, enmity, jealousy and egoistic traits etc. It opens up from all the barriers paradigms, restrictive thinking and structures etc. As it is connected with the Bigger Light (i.e. OMmmm) that is present in all the creations, it works im much bigger ways Thus connected one naturally becomes a kinder, more compassionate considerate person in all one's relationships and interactions. In this context, Just remember the eternal Truth,
>>>.The Mighty I AM Presence.....the Eternal All-Enfolding Light...the Light of God within each one of us never, never, never fails. I AM (the individual Presence in each one of us) that Light, now and forever!<<<
It becomes awakened and active in us when we earnestly acknowledge it, love it, adore it, bless it and Be it. When we do so, it blesses us with the FULLNESS of Itself and holds us safely within its Mighty Diamond Heart forever. The more we are lovingly moving in this direction, the more we release this awareness to refresh itself in the infinite vastness of the eternal universal Presence. We all are part of and one with the Infinity and Eternity of the SELF and the Supreme Self.
In this mode, everything everywhere is singing, "I AM---we are all Love, Pure Love". This Pure Awareness is all that need and BE at home in the rivers and tides and all currents of all Creation; fully aware of our intrinsic nature of Infinity an Eternity. We all need to know it and Be it to realize our Freedom and Fullness of living life.
With Love and Light.....Namaste.....Ram

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