Monday, November 30, 2020

🍁Osho, Don't Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra,

 A Christian is Christian only because of his birth.

His Christianity is only a formality. It is a social phenomenon; it is an accident of birth.
If he were removed to a Hindu home after his birth he would be a Hindu and he would never remember that he is Christian.
So Christianity, Mohammedanism, Hinduism, Buddhism –these are just part of upbringing, they don't really make you religious.
One has to choose very consciously, not accidentally.
Religion has to become a commitment, consciously made, then only is it real.
Now, becoming a sannyasin is a conscious effort on your part. You are deciding it.
It is not decided by birth.
It is not decided by your parents.
It is not decided by anybody else; it is your own longing.
This makes you a real follower of Christ.
And the second thing to remember: Christ has nothing to do with Jesus personally; Jesus is only one of the Christs.
Moses is a Christ also, Buddha is a Christ also. Lao Tzu is a Christ also.
Christ is a state of being; many have achieved it, many will achieve it.
Christ simply means one who has attained to god-hood, one who has been welcomed by God, crowned by God.
That is the literal meaning of the word: one who has been invited by God to become a guest in his house.
So forget all association of Christ with Jesus. Jesus is one of the Christs.
Learn as much as you can learn from him but don't forget that there are other Christs also; they have their own beautiful messages.
And all those messages have to become part of your inner being.
One who loves Jesus and Krishna and Buddha and Mohammed without any preference, without any prejudice, who loves all of them simultaneously, equally, becomes innitely rich... obviously.
His consciousness becomes a garden which has many flowers and many perfumes.
Be a blissful follower of the state called Christ. Don't be attached to persons.
Remember always that Christ is just like Buddha; these are states.
Jesus, the Christ; it is not his name.
Gautam, the Buddha; ”the Buddha” is not his name.
Mahavira, the Jinna; ”the Jinna” is not his name.
The Jinna means one who has conquered himself.
Buddha means one who has become fully awakened.
Christ means one who has been crowned by God.
They all mean the same in different ways.

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