Thursday, November 12, 2020

Linda Li

 Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today to give you a quick update.

The planet earth is currently experiencing extreme situations. That is because the planet is going through the ascension and resetting process. The process requires a total makeover, that includes the advancement of human consciousness and humanity’s growing up. What the planet sees now is the growing up and advancement of human consciousness. Humanity has seen the dark and now humanity wants to be in the light.
Being in the light requires light. And being the light requires human awakening from the sleep and going through a spiritual awakening process. Being the light means awakening from the slumber and healing the mind, body and soul. And the entire process requires work. The planet now has seen how the darkness works, and now they want the light. The planet wants the light in every soul to be awakened, and that is the ascension process.
Gaia’s children are awakening. Mother Earth is experiencing Gaia’s awakening and Mother Earth has extreme emotions about that. Deep down, Mother Earth has been yearning for this awakening for eons of time. Mother Earth has been the one who has suffered from the deep slumber of Gaia’s children, Mother Earth has been the ultimate victim of humanity’s deep sleep and being unaware of the planet and Mother Earth. Mother Earth has now, finally, seen the awakening of the planet and humanity. Mother Earth is indeed thrilled.
I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Mother Divine. Go within dear ones. Let the Divine plan unfold. Let the planet see the light and experience the light. And know that the planet needs this experience. Know the planet needs to awaken, and humanity is in the process of seeing through the darkness and finally coming to the light.
Let the process unfold dear ones. Know all is in Divine order and all has a purpose. Allow the process to unfold and just be. Be the peace you came here to be and be the light the planet needs right now. Trust the Divine and trust the process. I love you. So it is.

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