Tuesday, November 17, 2020

John White.

 "In that moment I melted into a recognition of the absolute perfection of existence and rightness of all things, including whatever might happen in the future, so long as I remained surrendered to that sense of God as the source and centre of my being body, mind, soul, will. In that moment I saw myself at that metaphysical point in the process of embodied existence where I could, if I chose, leap into nirvana at the end of my life and dissolve out of the mechanics of the cosmos into what I call the preluminous void - meaning that state of being before God said Let there be light- never to be known again directly in any way whatsoever. I also saw the ultimate selfishness of that choice. I therefore chose to surrender my will to Divine Will. My soul, which had been the locus of my sense of self-identity, dissolved into the Divine Domain and in so doing, paradoxically, I discovered complete and enduring freedom - liberation."

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