Monday, November 9, 2020

From book – Lakshya Ab Door Nahin by Shradhey Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj from Gita Prakashan

 You have assumed God-realization to be difficult,  but in fact it is not difficult.  God-realization is difficult –  It is due to this belief of yours that God-realization is difficult, and to break-away from this belief is difficult!  God is ours.  What is the difficulty in climbing into your mother’s lap?   What abilities, knowledge, intellect, strength, money etc. is required to do so?   All that is needed is affinity with God (sense of God is mine own). In this world not even a tiny thing such as a sesame seed is ours.  By regarding worldly things as ours, we have believed God to be difficult to attain ! Only God is ours, who is always with us. If we go to the heavens, or hell, if we go to 8.4 million different wombs, etc., wherever we go,  God always stays with us –  ‘Sarvasya chaaham hrdi sannivishtha’  (Gita 15/15).  ‘I am only the soul situated in the hearts of all beings.’  Besides God, no other thing will stay with us, and God does not ever leave us.  There is no time that God is not with us.   But your sight does stay on this.   God stays with everyone, all the time, by His immense grace.  

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