Saturday, October 3, 2020

Swami Chinmayananda

 Astavakra said,

"The universe even though visible, because it is unreal, like the snake-in-the-rope does not exist in You, who are Pure. Thus, in this way, enter into Laya, the state of dissolution."
( A. G , 5 / 3 ).
"Ordinarily, when we perceive a thing, we take it for granted that the thing exists, but there are examples wherein perception is not a sure guarantee for the actual existence of the thing perceived. The "snake in the rope," the "silver in the sea shell," the "ghost in the post" are all illusions. Employing this very familiar analogy of the Upanishad-s Astavakra points out that even though the universe is manifested, and is available for our direct perception in moments of Self-unfoldment, in the Higher-plane of Consciousness, it has no existence at all. Thus having known the universe to be a mere illusion, superimposed upon the Self, negate the universe of names and forms, and thus, "in this way enter into Laya--the state of dissolution."


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