Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Robert Adams


"It all begins with you. You are the one. You can either free yourself or put yourself in bondage depending on what you're doing with your life. As [we] go through the vicissitudes of life we become aware that we've been spinning our wheels all these years. We've been wasting our energy trying to accumulate things. We make ourselves happy by accumulating all kinds of goodies, people, places. Yet we're not happy.
Only when you discover that you are the universal manifestation of consciousness can you be happy. Only when you understand that you're pure awareness you will be happy—when you begin to see you live in a world of maya [illusion] which is like a dream. Why should you react to the dream? Would you react to the dream if you dreamt it last night? When you awaken in the morning will you react to this dream?
You realize it was only a dream. It has no power over [you], it cannot do anything. Even though in that dream I had cancer, I was wasting away, my family died in an automobile accident, it was all in a dream. It's not true, it never happened. So it is with this life now. Things may appear so real to you. Everything may appear so valid. But one day you will awaken to this dream and you will find that you're absolutely free."

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