Saturday, October 3, 2020

Robert Adams

 "Most of us here are looking for self-realization, looking for Buddhahood, we're looking to become one with the force. The looking will keep you back. For you are looking for something that already is. It always has been. Yet when you're looking for it you're saying it is not here. So you have to search, you have to look.

It is the mind that causes all this nonsense. It is the mind that makes you search for yourself when you're already the Self. It is the mind that tells you all these stories that something is wrong someplace, that you're not happy, or that you're too happy.
When you hear that the mind does all this it is therefore your duty to transcend the mind, to stop the mind from doing these things, to stop the mind from leading you around from pillar to post, causing you happiness sometimes and causing you misery sometimes. It is the mind that has created this whole universe.
Everything that you behold with your eyes, with your senses, you hear, you taste, you touch, you feel, it is really the mind. Nothing else but the mind and yet there is no mind. So what's going on around here? We thought the mind caused our problems then we hear there is no mind. Well, both are correct. As long as you believe you're a human being you've got a mind to contend with."

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