Saturday, October 17, 2020

Paul Brunton

 The pictorial visions which may attend ordinary meditation, however beautiful or impressive they may be, are not the true vision which comes ultimately with philosophic meditation. This is because anything which can be perceived in space‑time dimen­sions must needs belong to the world of finite relativity. They are, as St. Juan de la Cruz wisely said: “only graces to prepare them for this greater grace .... Those who have the less clear vision do not perceive so distinctly as the others how greatly He transcends their vision.” What is this greater grace? It is the awakening to what is outside space-time existence, the enlightenment of consciousness by a transcendental formless knowledge. To apprehend pure Thought it must be apprehended as empty of any forms. The ultimate has no shape, size, colour or voice whatever. Consequently whatever is seen standing before one's inner clairvoyant vision cannot be ultimate but rather something inferior to it.

-Wisdom of the Overself

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