Saturday, October 10, 2020




God, the Seed that was planted,
In the Earth of Humanity,
Arise in Conscious Awareness,
From the dust of insanity

Hear One Voice amid the confusion,
Realize that the N-O-I-S-E ....IS-ONE,
Look past the fragmented illusion,
See All the Pieces Align... in UNI-Son

Holy Offspring yet concealed,
By an outer shell,
Heaven's Full-ness is revealed,
From the midst of apparent Hell

As we Live and Move and Have Our Being,
Beyond the senses of sight and sound,
The Eye of Spirit does Our Seeing,
Springing forth from an Immortal Ground

So don't let your Power lay buried,
Beneath false perceptions of the earth,
Shed ego's chaff of limitation,
Trust the Life of Your Eternal Birth

The Harvest is full, No need to tarry,
The time has come to reap Your Field,
Perpetually Present the Life that You carry,
The Fruit of Di-Vine IS the Love that You Yield

Arise from the darkness of a Celestial Womb,
The Gardener waits outside your tomb,
Uprooting the tares of identity mistaken,
Consumed in the Fire as you Awaken,
The Flower of Divinity has come into Bloom

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