Wednesday, October 28, 2020


 “Live by the sword and die by the sword” is a well known adage. “To Live by Love is also to die by Love” since the personal identity must die for the Real Love You Are to be Realized. This death is the only ‘real’ death and even then it is an illusion since this false-self-identity has never existed. And yet the fear associated with ‘non-existence’ is so pervasive that it brings the slumbering God-SELF [wrapped as IT is in the conditioning that produced the false self], back into the Grand Dream again and again.

 Falling empty handed into the UNKNOWN requires the total satiation of the dream. One must be ‘less afraid’ of the spectre of ‘nothing-ness’ than they are of enduring the hollow-ness of the dream before this distance-less leap into the arms of Freedom is possible.

 Embrace this ‘required’ total disillusionment with the flimsy seductions of the world-dream … it is your gateway to Freedom.

 -image by Solveig Larsen

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