Saturday, September 12, 2020

The Sri Yantra

 The Sri Yantra symbolizes, among other things the unfoldment of creation. The bindu represents the unmanifest, the silent state. The next level in the expression of the Universe is represented by the innermost triangle. This level represents the trinity of rishi, devata, chanda, or the observer, the process of observation and the object being observed. At this point the symmetry of creation is still intact and will be broken when it reaches the next level which represent the grosser aspects of the relative.

This reflects the unfoldment from unity to trinity as expounded in the Vedic literature. According to the Veda the Universe becomes manifest when unbounded awareness becomes aware of itself. The spark of self awareness ignites creation. At this point Unity divides into the trinity of rishi (the observer), devata (process of knowing) and chanda (the object of perception). The same idea is also found in the bible as the principle of the holy trinity.
The central triangle is the central lens of the Sri Yantra. If as some suggest, this pattern is capable of emitting a significant amount of subtle energy, the importance of having a well balanced and centered figure becomes obvious.
For these reasons we believe that the central triangle should be equilateral in an optimal Sri Yantra configuration. For this to happen the highest down pointing primary triangle must have an angle of 60 degrees

Image may contain: text that says 'Rishi (Subject observer) 00* 60+ Observed Chanda object) 60* process) (Observervation Devala'

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