Thursday, September 24, 2020



"When your spiritual quest  is coming together with different other investments, when it's coming together with other daily endeavors, that is like you have a road in front of you, a road that never ends actually. It just renews itself. But when you really start to take your spiritual quest seriously, when it is the only thing that really matters, and you can bring your attention and focus into that perspective, the endless road tapers in front of you. This is the narrow path.

This is when things becomes really intense. It's quite different when you're learning things, because it's a different mindset, you are learning and studying a philosophy, a religion, it is an outgoing attention. You are bringing new bricks for your world, you are changing and transforming it and it's fine. But this is not yet about Freedom. Because that last part of the Journey is exactly the opposite of this mindset. It's about letting go and all these inner structures dissolving. And for each dissolution it's like going through death. It's quite intense.
Whenever you're being exposed to Intensity on your spiritual journey, that is giving you two choices: self-preservation or Surrender. And what you choose at that moment makes the difference in what you're going to experience in the next moment.As you open some doors you close other doors. So if you're deciding for Surrender the landscape will change and other doors will open. If you're deciding for self-preservation, other doors will open and your experience will be completely different."

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