Monday, September 14, 2020

Molaana RUMI

 O heart! Beyond the veil of your soul

there are hidden people. Because of the
pain of the blade of oneness, they are all
life and yet they are without life.
As much as you think, you cannot talk
about their defects and merits. Enter in the
religion of selflessness, because they are
such selfless relatives. They think from such
oceans and they churn like the oceans.
Even though they are silent; they are wise
and all knowing. In that ocean filled with
corals they are as one spirited creed.
Beyond the worlds, whirling dome they are
riding the Boragh's of soul.
Oh obedient dervish! Become light hearted
as fast as possible and sit in amongst
the men's gatherings, because they are all
roguish .... They are kings, drunk and
without self, even though they are earthlings,
they are king and sultans.
They spill out gold from the treasure of Love...
they are devotee's of Shams of Tabriz ...
they are the mine of Rubi and Safire ...
they are the pillars of the mine of Soul. "

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