Saturday, September 5, 2020


It is by the action of consciousness becoming aware of itself that intelligence manifests itself, not when consciousness apprehends an inert object.
The one Self perceives itself within itself as the infinite consciousness
Contemplate the sole reality of consciousness for the cessation of repeated birth.
Taste the pure consciousness,
which is,
in truth,
the very essence of all that exists,
by resolutely renouncing objectivity of consciousness (all the concepts and precepts) and contemplating the changeless consciousness which is infinite.|||
|||Know that you are the essence of consciousness.|||
|||Remain as pure consciousness without any disturbance in it.|||
|||Be firmly established in this wisdom and discard the impure notion of ego-sense from your heart.
When the pure heart contemplates the infinite space of consciousness,
which is the source of all bliss and which is within easy reach of all,
it rests in the Supreme Self.|||
~ Yoga Vasistha. The Supreme Yoga. (selected verses )

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