Thursday, September 24, 2020

Anthony de Mello

 ′′ If you want to love, you must learn to see again.

And if you want to see,
you need to learn to give up your drug [your need for other people].
It's so simple... Stop your addiction. The tentacles of society that have wrapped you up and suffocated your existence. You have to let them go. On the outside, everything will go as it was before, but even though you will continue to be in the world, you will no longer be.
In your heart, you will now be free at last if you are completely alone. Your addiction on your medicine will die. You don't have to go to the desert. You can be in the middle of people and enjoy it too much. But they no longer have the power to make you happy or unhappy. That means loneliness. In this loneliness your addiction dies.
Love ability is born. No one sees others as a means of satisfying their addiction. Only someone who has tried it knows the horrors of the process. It's like inviting yourself to die It's like asking the poor drug addict to give up the only happiness he's ever known.
How to replace it with the taste of bread and fruit and the pure taste of morning air, and the sweetness of mountain stream water?
While struggling with withdrawal symptoms and the gap he is experiencing inside him now that his medicine is gone, nothing can fill the void except his medicine.
[Can you imagine a life in which you refuse to enjoy a word of appreciation,, or support your head on someone's shoulder for support,,
Think of a life in which you don't depend on anyone emotionally, so that no one has the power to make you happy or unhappy anymore. Do you refuse to need a certain person,,, or invite someone of your own. Air birds have their nest and foxes have their holes, but you will have nowhere to rest your head in your journey in life.
If you ever get to this situation, you'll finally know what it means to see with a vision that's clean and not covered by fear or desire. Every word there counts. You'll know what it means to love. But to come to the land of love, you have to go through the pain of death, because loving faces means dying in your need for them and being completely alone....
Overall, we seek to heal our loneliness through emotional dependence on humans, through arrogance and noise. This is not a cure. Return to things, return to nature, climb to the mountains. Then you will know that your heart brought you to the infinite desert of loneliness, there is no one there next to you, absolutely none. At first this will seem unbearable. But it's only because you're not used to solitude.
If you manage to stay there for a while, the desert will suddenly bloom in love. Your heart will break in song. And it will be spring forever. the medicine won't be out. You will be free. Then you will understand what freedom is, what love is, what happiness is, what reality is, what is truth, what is God. You'll see, you'll know beyond concepts, addictions and attachments.
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