Monday, August 24, 2020

From Zen thinking


You are the knowing of the mind, but not that which is known.

No thought is true, but your presence that notices each thought is.

Allow whatever arises within consciousness to be as it is. Remain as you naturally are, aware. Notice how whatever appears, also disappears. It is only the mind's grasping at the thought of a thing which makes it seem to linger, and when you react to a thing, you make it persist.

Reactions are emotional vibrations from the person, but you are no person—you are a presence.

The person is nothing but an illusory dream created by the mind's psychology (which doesn’t even truly exist), but you, awareness, are free of it all.

In truth, nothing is worthy of your emotional reactions, for there is no one left to react.

There is nothing to protect or defend and nothing to promote or assert. As the consciousness that you are, you have no opinion, perspective, judgement or belief. You—consciousness—possess nothing of your own, for you are the empty field through which all things flow, and yet none remain.

You are an absolute nothingness of infinite space.

Observe only, without expending any personal effort or emotional attachment to your observations. Allow each perception to pass through unobstructed by thought.

From 'Zen thinking'

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