Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Baba Ram Singh

 "O renunciate! First, perfect the practice, and then sing His praise." (Kabir, Avadhu amal karai so gaavai, Kabir Sahib ki Shadavali, part 1, Chitavani aur Upadesh, v 37)

Baba Ram Singh: "This is the bani of Param Sant Satguru Kabir Sahib Ji. He tells us that whoever has withdrawn their thoughts from outside and fixed them at the still point within, whoever has manifested the Shabd -- their words are true. They can impart the Truth to others, based on what they themselves have seen and experienced within. Unless the soul is drawn within and unites with the Shabd, our words are meaningless and false. Only the one who has seen can say."

"Until the spiritual practice bears fruit, we remain bereft of love." (Kabir)

Baba Ram Singh: "The love will not be awakened until the inner portal opens, and we experience the power of the Shabd within. The door of mind and Maya blocks our way. When that door swings open, the treasure house of love that lies within will stand revealed. If there is no spiritual practice, there is no love."

"If we praise the fruit without savoring its sweetness, our empty words impart no glory." (Kabir)

Baba Ram Singh: "If we have not eaten the fruit ourselves, if we have not savored and enjoyed it, then how can we praise its delicious taste? If someone has never eaten the fruit, has never even seen it, how can they sing its praise? Their words are empty and do not shed any glory on the fruit. Such praise lacks the ring of truth." 

"Without the Guru we cannot unravel the mystery of the inner knowledge; we remain lost in the false and useless things." (Kabir)

Baba Ram Singh: "Until we have met the perfect Satguru and have devoted ourselves to the practices He enjoins, we remain in illusion. Until we have the first-hand experience of the inner way, all our talk is worthless -- we are only squandering our spiritual capital. Our intellect is controlled by the ego. Acting on its advice, we believe it is enough to perform auspicious deeds and to avoid inauspicious actions. We waste our lives enjoying the pleasures and suffering the pains, and then we depart from this world empty-handed. We have not received the true knowledge from the Guru, and we have not achieved any experience of the beyond. Until we meet with the true Guru, what path can we follow? And without knowledge of the right path, how can we progress on the spiritual journey?" 

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