Wednesday, August 19, 2020

A Parenthesis in Eternity. Living the mystical life: Joel S. Goldsmith

 "Inwardly and silently, say the word I softly, gently - I, meaning your Self, your true identity. Close your eyes to all outer appearances and inside the inner sanctuary, alone with God, listen to the voice of God as It speaks to you: '(...) Do not fear effects, do not fear outer conditions. I, the I of your being, I am that part of you which was never born. I brought you into experience; I will carry you through it; and I will carry you on into the next experience, even unto the end of the world. (...) When you have gone far enough you will understand that I am God the Father as well as God the Son. And then you will understand oneness. You will understand that, because I am infinite, there are no evil powers. (...) They have no entity; they have no identity; they have no real being, Only understand them to be the fabric of mental illusion - nothingsness - for I in the midst of you am the only power and the only presence'." 

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