Friday, July 24, 2020


Tara, the female Buddha of Compassion in Action. Tara, (beloved by all Tibetans) was hailed as the Divine Mother, to whom they all prayed when in need. It was Tara, rather than the historical male Shakyamuni Buddha, whom they called upon whenever they were in danger, sad, or sick, because they knew Tara did not just sit and listen compassionately to their pleas; she responded with action. This ability to act and act quickly was regarded as a quintessential female quality.

From a feminine point of view, she is really a role model from the external level and also at a deeper, inner deeper level. She is the Mother of all Buddhas. She is someone who has vowed to be born as a woman, in female form, in her every birth for the sake of all beings to be liberated from suffering

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