Saturday, July 11, 2020

I am not the body or the mind.

I am not the body or the mind.

If there is no external light such as Bhagavan (Sri Ramana Maharshi) to guide you, you have to look within to find the Self. You will not benefit from looking anywhere else, from doing anything else, or from listening to any other voice.

Walking round and round a temple, doing rituals to a deity— activities like these will not bring you any nearer to the Self. The pujas, the japas, the rituals - these are for beginners.

Meditation is the syllabus in a higher class. We need not waste our time by indulging in the activities of the infant class again and again. Here, in this class, I ask you to put all your attention, all your interest on realizing the final teaching:

‘I am not the body or the mind. I am Self. All is the Self.’

This is Bhagavan’s final teaching. Nothing more needs to be added to it. Keep good company while you pursue this knowledge and all will be well.

- Annamalai Swami

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