Monday, June 8, 2020


The identity of Evil depends upon the absence of The Absolute Good to be proven, the same way as darkness depends upon the absence of the Absolute Light of the Sun (The Symbol of the Wholly Mind) to appear. However, since the Sun is never absent, but only set beyond sight, the reality of darkness is illusive and is forever inferior to the Sun's reality. It rises into notice in as much as it contrasts the diffused Sunlight when reflected by the Moon (The Symbol of the Wholly Soul) in the night.

Hence, Evil does not know the meaning of The Absolute Good to begin with in order to possess the power to contrast it, it only attempts to produce actions that contradict its own deceptive concept of the good; and hence, evil actions are in constant lack of meaning.

Evil is forever dependant on the behavioral aspect of actions to imitate a cognitive State of Mind.

Consequently, the mind of Evil is always in a race against time and events to enforce a context through which any new action or event should be seen by.

“I am the Wholly MIND, and I am to the Wholly Soul, like the SUN is to the Moon” (The Ancient Wisdom)

The Wholly MIND, like the SUN, is the Giver of Light.
The Wholly Soul, like Moon is the Receiver of Light.

The Moon, in the illusive absence of the Sun, appears to vision as though it is lit by itself. The Moon (which represents the Soul in the Ancient Wisdom) is somewhat deceived by the context that darkness produces around him to assume the role of the Sun in its illusive absence, ironically using the light of the Sun itself in order to do so.

For, darkness is not an actual form that exists in space, but rather its existence is related to a State-of-Vision dependant upon light. Thus, darkness cannot contrast light, it can only contrast sight, and by doing so, it works against itself, because it weakens the very element that adds form to it.

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