Monday, June 1, 2020

Kulaarnava Tantra

Because she practices the yonimudra,

attends upon the Feet of Girija (the

Divine Mother),

and because of the glory of total

immergence without support,

she is called yogini.

~ Kulaarnava Tantra

we are Shakti Goddess Kundalini.

There is no greater religion

across all ages and nations

than Love and Compassion.

The true mark of a spiritual man

Their seat is in the heart

where ceaselessly burns

benevolent creative fire

a consecration to sublime art

By constantly striving

from a light seeker

you become a light bearer

with a crescent and a cross

Bringing blessings for every one

in course of your earthly sojourn

every passing moment and hour

merciful rain and sunny shower.


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