Saturday, May 2, 2020


Vajrayogini is the power we all possess to transform mundane experiences into higher spiritual paths. Vajrayogini is considered the supreme deity of the Tantric pantheon. She is the essence of all the Buddhas and to meditate on her brings immediate blessings to the practitioner.

Her red body symbolizes her inner fire and the flames that surround her represent her exalted wisdom. H
er third eye reflects her ability to see through to the reality of all things in the past, present, and the future. She carries the dakini’s curved knife, the vajra, which cuts through all obstacles and illusions. And she holds a bowl of blood, which represents the bliss that awaits us when we release the ego’s attachment to who we are.

She helps liberate us from ordinary conceptions and ordinary appearances so that we can see through to the truth of what exists all around us. She is easier to reach during dark times in our lives, even if we feel far from spiritual¬– she still wants to liberate us.

When your soul selects her card:

No matter what has happened, recently or in the past, Vajrayogini reminds us that we possess the fierce wisdom that transmutes any pain or suffering into deep lessons that free us and bring us more joy. She’s the call to wake up if we’ve fallen into that old myth that something or someone outside of us is going to save us. She’s here to make it loud and clear that what is within us will save us. We can take this moment right here, right now to turn everything sacred.

This red, female Buddha is the power we all have in every moment to take a seemingly everyday event, or annoyance, or unfortunate occurrence and use it for our own enlightenment. She reminds us that everything is rich material for us to use to elevate our reality as an embodied soul.

- Excerpted from “The Divine Feminine Oracle” by Meggan Watterson; Illustrated by Lisbeth Cheever- Gessaman

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