Monday, May 18, 2020

Robert Adams

"The secret is to investigate yourself within yourself. The external world can never prove anything to you. The external world is a world of effects, a world of illusion, a dream, maya, leela, a play. Do not stake your claim in the world. And let's say that you even have good karma so-to-speak, like they say, and things are relatively fine in your life. You think you've got what you want.

You've got a great job, you're making a lot of money, you're living with someone you love, you've got a great house, you live in a place where the temperature is always 78 degrees, and you're relatively happy. But, according to the so-called laws of the universe, that has to change, simply because the universe is in a state of flux. Everything must change.

If you have not found yourself in this life, and you simply die like the average person, you are going to have continue and experience the opposite of what you have been experiencing. This is the reason you should not just become apathetic to spiritual life because things are going your way, and say like some people say, 'Oh, spiritual life is just for people who have problems.' Be careful."

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