Sunday, May 10, 2020

Robert Adams

"There is nowhere you have to go, there's nothing you have to do. There is no one you have to see, there's nothing you have to read. You just have to be your Self, the immutable Self, this wonderful, wonderful Self, that is the whole universe, all-pervading. You are that Self right now, just the way you are. But when you think about what I just said, you spoil it.

There's nothing to think about, there's nothing to accept. Just hear my words, and they'll go where they have to go and do what they have to do. You are the universe. The whole universe rests inside of you, like bubbles in the ocean. The bubbles keep changing, popping, new bubble's come, but the ocean remains the same. And so it is with you.

The world, your body, everything, rests in consciousness. You are that consciousness, that space, that boundless space, the space that you call the glue that holds the universe together, the space in between objects, in between bodies. You can call the space consciousness, pure awareness. You are that space."

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