Tuesday, May 19, 2020

​Michael Kewley

“Because the world is filled with unenlightened beings, the potential for cruel and selfish actions exists without limitations. Our homes are bombarded by images and sounds that can fill us with horror, and because of our own fear, it is easy to become confused and entrapped by the madness of the world, always looking for our own position to take. Who is right? Who is wrong? What should be done? The Way of Dhamma is to stay in balance and allow the world to be as it is, responding as we need to, but letting go of all judgement and recrimination and transcendings the limitations of fear. Beings are the way they are, that’s their choice, but you are the way you are, and that’s your choice! So how are you choosing to be today? The moment we defend, support or rationalize violent action, whether through mind, body or speech, we have joined the ranks of the unenlightened and forgotten our heart. All the great masters, past and present speak of Love as the answer to all the difficulties of the world, but it is for true disciples of Dhamma to hear these words, not only with their ears, but with their heart and their whole being, and then apply them to their life. This is how we give ourselves to Dhamma. May all beings be happy”


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