Sunday, May 10, 2020

Industrial Slave

“Industrial slave
Capitalist and communist imperialist
Smiling with false faces
Beckoning us with their lies about progress
Wanting us to enjoy the rape of earth
And our minds

Industrial slave
Fork-tongue legalistic contract chains
Turning our visions
To techno-logic nightmares
National security war makers
Desecrating the natural world
And Gods still trying to get over what
You done to his boy

Industrial slave
Material bound law and order
Religious salvation
Individually alone
Industrial slave’

‘Babylon in terror
World run over by machines
The economics of captured dreams
The rich are the poorer
While the poor are waiting

Everyone pretending to live
Calling exploitation progress
Calling submission freedom
Calling madness profit
Calling earth a plan et
Plaguing her with civilization


We see you in your loneliness
Sometimes we wonder which is lonelier
Being along together or being lonely alone

With no protection that you know of
Principles replaced by nothing
The lies becoming desperation
Outrageous violence
Internal and external
Forming distractions from life

Making the loneliness
A new type of alone
Alone with your machines
Alone with your fear
Alone with your oppressor
Alone with roles played
Alone from the past
Alone from the future

Stranded in the universe
Separated from earth sun moon sky
With only God to comfort you
While he sanctions war and greed

Messengers clubbing you
Heavenly threats and promises
A basis for exploitation or everything
Even yourself

Giving up together
Surrendering Alone”

~John Trudell

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