Saturday, May 9, 2020

~ Anthony of Mello ~

If you want to know what it means to be happy, look at a flower, a bird, a child; they are perfect images of the kingdom. Because they live any moment in the eternal now without past and future. This is how they escape the guilt and anxiety that human beings torture and are full of the pure joy of life, which do not enjoy both faces and things as life itself.
Since your happiness is caused or maintained by something or someone outside you, you are still in the land of the dead.
The day you will be happy for no reason, the day you please everything and nothing, you will know that you found the land of endless joy called kingdom.

Finding the kingdom is the easiest thing in the world but also the hardest.
Easy because it's around you and inside you, and all you have to do is shake your hand and get it.
Hard because if you wish to acquire the kingdom you may have nothing else. That is, you must let all the means, drop every inward,, blowlamps to any person or thing, by of them forever the power to delight you, or to fascinate you,, or give you a sense of safety or wellness .

That's why you must first see this simple and overwhelming truth:
Unlike what your culture and religion have taught you, nothing but nothing can make you happy.
The moment you see it, you will stop moving from one job to another, from one friend to another, one place to another, a spiritual technique, from one teacher to another. None of these things can give you a minute of happiness. They can offer you a temporary emotion, a pleasure that originally increases in intensity, and then turns into pain if you lose them and into boredom if you keep them. ' s

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