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SAMADHI is a sanskrit word conjoined by 'sam' + 'a' prefixing root 'dha' and suffixing 'ki' it is indicative of a state of being where the mind gets absorbed in absolute stillness.The widely acclaimed Hindi dictionary of NALANDA describes the word SAMADHI as 'a state where the awareness and consciousness of a being become inert, leaving the body function-less .

Yogrishi PATANJALI in his eight-fold Yoga sutra, has presented a model depicting a stage- wise evolution of human consciousness. Rendering detailed articulation of the same, it is said the seeker of spiritual evolution passes through the stages of #yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahar, dharana and dhyan before finally ascending to the state of SAMADHI. Which is the eight and the topmost rung in the ladder of spiritual advancement.(patanjali yoga darshan yoga sutra 2/39)

Therefore SAMADHI is the super consciousness state of being; where the difference between the micro-universe(individual)and the macro-universe(Cosmos) vanishes.
The #soul becomes the perfect manifestation of #brahmn (supreme consciousness) " iti abheden avasthanam samadhi. As a result the sadhak revels in the state of eternal bliss and experiences steady wisdom

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