Sunday, April 26, 2020

God is the Flame Creator!

Svetlana Eryomina
God has created everything!
He is the Flame Creator!
He breathed life in His Creation!
And It started, it came to life,
And all became at His command!

It was born, developed and grew,
And multiplied more and more,
And stood still trembling in His Hands,
Obedient to Will invisible.

“But where to find Him —
the Creator of all this?”
“To Him is a door! It is
“In the depths of your heart developed!
“Open it — and the Aim will be visible!

“With hands, created of love,
“To the Creator of all — you gently touch,
“In Him fully immerse yourself —
and… dissolve!
“Then out of His Love — look at the world!

“With Light, and Tenderness, and Fire Glow
“Love for Creation you fully manifest!
“All living — caress, love!
“Live so — in God’s Love!”

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