Sunday, April 26, 2020

Agni Yoga/Encounters with Evil

Agni Yoga/Encounters with Evil

Encounters with Evil

Every person on this Path necessarily encounters opposition of evil forces represented by incarnate and non-incarnate beings. They are representatives of chaos, dark ones. Their “darkness” is not only a symbol but also a quality of the coarse, degraded consciousnesses, a quality that can be seen by clairvoyants.
Who are they? How can one recognize them? They are people living in the emotions of hatred (anger, irritation, condemnation, etc.). They are disposed to violence, falsity, betrayal. This concerns both incarnate people and non-incarnate people-spirits because after disembodiment souls retain their qualities.
However, the forces of evil are absolutely necessary for those walking towards the Light, because they create the necessary tension, the opposition that alone can temper the character of the warrior. Without passions and exertion of all strengths up to the highest degree, one cannot approach the Goal. Encounters with the forces of evil make the warrior seek unity with the Lord — this is why they are important.
“Some light-minded people believe that mechanical utterances of the Highest Names can protect them from dark attacks. However, it is the pure fire of the heart, rather than mechanical actions, that creates a firm shield.” 

Vladi­mir Anto­nov 

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