Thursday, March 19, 2020

There is NO separateness, only ONE-NESS

Divine Love is not human 'romantic' love.  It is of a spiritual nature, it is all-encompassing and unconditional. Divine Love is often attributed only to God and/or spiritual beings.  Yet as we are all sparks of the Creator (the Divine), and as the Creator IS LOVE, we are therefore also Love - Divine Love is who we really are, yet in our human state and using mostly only our five senses, we have forgotten this and we perceive other people and animals and nature as 'separate' from ourselves.  But we are all made of the same 'stuff' and are all therefore "ONE and all connected.  This is confirmed on a scientific level with Quantum Physics.
It is our perception of separateness that causes all the woes we have in this world.  What we do to one, we do to ourselves.  There is NO separateness, only ONE-NESS~~Unknown Image may contain: outdoor, water, nature and food

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