Thursday, March 19, 2020

~ Sri Poonjaji ‘Papaji’

Why get into trouble? It´s enough! Everything is Here: Happiness, Beauty, Love! Whatever you call it, it is full of everything! Whatever you think, so it becomes because it is Consciousness and everything is possible in Consciousness. You have created all these manifestations, all these waves in the ocean. You are so capable, so vast, so full, so complete, so conscious. You can create all of this so why suffer? Emptiness is never affected by appearances in Emptiness. The ocean does not suffer when a wave rises. It does not even suffer when a wave falls. Let he waves dance and let hem enjoy. Just stay Here and see only Love and Beauty and Happiness. This is the Ultimate Understanding. It does not need any thinking or any process or any meditations. You are Limitlessness, Fathomlessness, Vastness: who wil disturb this Vastness? Where will you run out so that you are no longer Here? You are not limited! Just stay as you are, do not start from anywhere and do not go anywhere, and do not activate a thought.

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