Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Robert Adams, #T173: Turn Within Always

The only life you're ever going to have, is the life that you identify with.

So we are told,
since a period of time,
by great spiritual Masters,
to lift up your eyes to the mountain top,
to see that which is real,
to behold Brahman,
to behold the reality,
the truth,
that which is.

Yet most people on this earth refuse to do this.

They identify with person, place and thing, and then wonder why they suffer.

Only the I suffers, only the I appears to have problems, only the I goes through experiences.

But you must ask yourself,
"Is this I me?
Am I this I?"
Always ask yourself.

In the last analysis you cannot find the answers in books or from other people.
You are the answer.

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