Friday, March 20, 2020

Much LOVE Zahara

In these times we are being asked to be clear on where we are putting our attention. Our Energy. We are learning about clarity precision. Discernment and sounding our Soul Resonance Clearly.

Creation is not about having all the answers then starting to act. Creation is learning through the doing with being. It is about making a mess making mistakes doing things 'wrong' to find our way of BEing.

So many of us are realising that we have been on a training to lead us to these pivotal times. To put in practice to 'walk our talk'. Even though at times we might not feel up to it or ready.

Many of us are realising how to discern the different energies from micro/macro/meta and all the combinations this can be expressed.

Many of us are experiencing the subtlety of all the connections and flow of energies. We are really experiencing in the physical how we are all connected.

For while the tension between the polarities are being stretched to extremes. It is giving us opportunities to see the invisible programming so much clearer.

We are being shown the polarisation of Fear and LOVE. And how each moment holds not just one extreme. And that we can shift from that paradigm belief that there is separation. That is is not an either or. How we can hold LOVE and compassion for all states of being in ourselves in each other.

As more of us are being in countries in or on the verge of 'Lock Down' we are not able to rely on our unconsciousness to numb our shadow parts. Our Daily patterns routines have been disrupted. We don't have access to distractions to silence any shadow parts. Again this is going straight to our Root Chakra.

These are powerful times as we are being given the opportunity to BE with ourselves and each other. As we are not able to loose ourselves in the habits the unconsciousness numbing of ourselves or the collective.

All those unconscious fears are rising to the surface. The main ones being the fear of suffering being vulnerable in pain and death. These are Core Fears all linked to the Root chakra of Survival or Thriving.

Because it is the Root Chakra there has and is this fear of not having food. Which is all about the disconnection with Abundance of Gaia and Source. We are being shown the polarisation of Lack and Abundance.

As we learn how to individually 'walk our talk' we are also leaning how as Wayshowers we 'walk our talk'. Noticing how our individual and our Group shadows are showing up.

So not being surprised if I or other Wayshowers LIghtworkers HUMAN BEINGS we are - need to respond in ways that don't resonate or make sense to us. Or if we find ourselves being triggered/being in reaction ways that we thought we had sorted/cleared/released once and for all!

For all those ego structures of ways of being are being illuminated. For 2020 is the year of Illumination. And whether this virus was man alien nature hybrid made. Or even how this will be manipulated. From a Higher Perspective this is irrelevant.

We are being given the powerful potent opportunity to release so much and see how we can shine and not hide in our fears. Expanding from our Heart. Include embrace so much within and as our Higher Soul. That we are not isolated and alone AND as humans we do and CAN feel experience so much.

For we are individuals in groups overlap with other groups creating a whole. Just like the Flower of LIFE. Which we Are. This time of crisis is an opportunity for such growth. We are being pushed outside our comfort zones. Many are feeling the Growing Pains. For we did ask for this though our Ego and inner child and human does protest!

So this is a reminder to me and if this resonates with you then you as well! For us to be patience kind loving with ourselves and each other. We are burning through core shadow stuff.

So I call on gentleness however that may resonate for each of us in each moment. Be that with an Elemental or Being.

This image I LOVE for this is the Goddess Quan Yin who is one with the Life Force of Creation the Dragon. No longer demonised or Fearful of the Shadow. She holds LOVE and Compassion. Stillness and Grace in Chaos. The Still point in the Storms of Change and Evolution. Peace Calm Harmony.

I call on Quan Yin Goddess who shows shares unconditional love through times of pain suffering disease. She hears the cries of all beings. Goddess of Compassion and Mercy. Bringing Grace Light and Hope.

Image of Quan Yin and her Dragon by unknown Artist

Image may contain: 1 person, cloud and sky

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