Sunday, March 22, 2020

Kabir 1008 Vani – Nectar of Truth and Knowledge,

Prayers of Guru Kabir

“0 Supreme Being! I have become like You by remembering You all the time. There are no more self-conceit, attachments and desires of the world in me. I sacrifice myself on the true Knowledge of Your name, remembering which enables me to see You all around. There is nothing that exists other than You.”

“0 the Eternal Raam of the temple of my heart! I lost 'my’ existence in remembering You continuously. I have become one with You. I exist not without You now. My mind does not wander about any more. I and You are one now, Raam.”

– Kabir 1008 Vani – Nectar of Truth and Knowledge, Essence of the Collection of Saakhis (the Saakhi Granth of Guru Kabir)

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