Tuesday, March 31, 2020


-Consciousness simply IS
-It is also called God, ONE, I AM, Life and ‘LOVE’ [and many other names]
-Love’s Purpose ‘is’ to Love but being ONE there is no Beloved to Love except IT SELF
-To Love IT SELF … IT ‘imagines’ IT SELF ‘as’ the Beloved and in so doing castes IT SELF into a deep dreaming sleep
-In this dream there occurs the illusory projection of ‘other’ and this begins the belief in separation
-Within this dream the entire universe [a dream body] seems to exist
-Separation from the Beloved generates intense ‘longing’, which in turn generates ‘seeking’
-The more IT seeks the Beloved the more profound is ITs longing to express Love
-Everything that unfolds in the universe/world/your life experience is oriented to this single Purpose in some way … deeply hidden under layer upon layer of masks
-Ultimately this search results in ‘union’ … NOT with a so called ‘other’ but with the return to the Awareness of the Beloved ‘as’ IT SELF ‘as’ ONE
-This completes the cycle and is called SELF Realization
BOOKS by John McIntosh


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