Saturday, March 28, 2020

How to Experience the Pure Consciousness? By Roshan Sharma

Pure consciousness is the purest state of mind. When the mind becomes a witness and no experiences or impressions remains on the surface of the mind, you experience the mind as pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is a state of mind, where it acts like a mirror.

Anything that comes in front of the mind either from the external world or internal world, it reflects as it is. The mind as we all know, thinks, imagine things, forms perception, stores experiences, and impressions, and allows us to experience the external reality of life.

The process of mind takes place on its surface, but when you take your attention beyond the surface of the mind, you experience the mind which is absolutely pure. That is the state of pure consciousness.

In the state of pure consciousness, the movement of life energy (spirit) is easily read all the time, and even the source of life is reflected in pure consciousness. Pure consciousness can be experienced, once the dormant energy gets awakened in the body.

It’s the dormant energy that ties the mind in a way, whereby the mind remains engaged in the external cycle of life. But once the dormant energy gets unlocked inside, you free yourself from the external cycle of life and a new reality is experienced both inside and outside

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