Monday, March 30, 2020

Excerpt from “Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home”

“In times of scarcity and doubt, we are taught to get organized, launch plans, plot directions, and build agendas. There is nothing wrong with these actions—in fact, they are essential in any creative process. But if we don’t first come into the sincerity of solitude, these are just defensive postures against the course of events.
Yin teaches us the wisdom of surrender. Yin chooses to yield even when everyone else is getting ahead. Like an inner earth, yin is the soil in which we gestate our dreams, refine our intuition, listen to our bodies, and come into the stillness of our centre. When actions arise from the receptive still point they have real meaning. Ideas that emerge from this level of imagination serve more than the individual: they serve the great ecosystem from which our well-being is drawn.”
Toko-pa Turner

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