Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

“During three golden ages on the earth, man talked freely with his God and associated intimately with angels and elementals. Communion with all life was unrestrained, and cooperation between angels, elementals and men was unspoiled. To man was given the assignment of overseeing creation and working with God to plan, to design, to invent and to direct activities on earth. To the elementals, the builders of form, was given the important task of bringing into manifestation the intents of God and man. And to the angels was given the holy ordination of ministering to the needs of both men and elementals.”

The three orders of the heavenly hierarchy manifest the threefold flame, the three primary attributes of God: power, wisdom and love. The sons and daughters of God are intended to outpicture the intelligence of the Christ mind, focusing the genius of God for invention and creativity. They were created to become co-creators with God.”

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