Wednesday, February 5, 2020

~SWAMI VEDA BHARATI The Attributes Of Spiritual Progress

This path is very difficult. Most people who come to us and describe their spiritual experiences, we have to say: 'No, this is not a spiritual experience.' Those who want to indulge in such experiences must seek out those teachers who specialize in this particular aspect of the outer clothing of atmans. This outer clothing is not a coarse fabric, but the finest silk. And this silk is like a seductive snake, which is characteristic of this kind of experience. Here we convey a very pure way. Only the imperishable counts. No poem, no song, no words or recitations.

On this way, you come through many valleys, but why should you settle down in one of these valleys? The valley is not the summit.

The subtle phenomena are far more powerful than the gross phenomena. Seekers should not dwell on these low-value attractions, however exciting they may be.

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