Saturday, February 8, 2020

~Aurelia Louise Jones /Telos Book 1

Tell us how partners express their sexuality in Telos.
Adama ~  In a sense, our bodies are not as physically dense as yours, and we can merge with each other in a much deeper and more intimate way. When we unite, we merge our physical bodies as well as our chakras in a union of love. We regard the sexual act as “a union with the divine” and all of our chakras participate, always in alignment with the heart, which brings a much expanded experience. Our sexual ex- pression is based on engaging the fires of the heart first.
In your sexual expression on the surface, you mostly engage only the first two chakras of creativity and survival. For those really “in love” with each other, you engage the heart chakra as well. In Telos, we would never engage in a sexual act for the purpose of gaining favors or for manipu- lative reasons.
Because of our level of evolution, we have many more chakras activated than you do. We have twelve main chakras fully activated, as well as each of their twelve sub-chakras. This means 144 chakras are engaged in our sexual expression. When two people merge together as the divine femi- nine and the divine masculine in an expression of divine love, the energy of union resonates through the whole solar system. It is felt by the Father-Mother God. It becomes an act of the union of hearts merging with the Creator energy. This is how we view our sexuality.

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